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Jhony - Tattoo Artist and Instructor


​Instagram: @domo_tattoo


 Meet Jhony Jaramillo, also known as Domo Tattoo, a masterful tattoo artist, piercer, and dedicated instructor at Oriana Tattoo & Academy. Originating from Marinilla Antioquia, Colombia, Jhony brings over a decade of experience in art and body modifications. His journey began in a city celebrated for its vibrant artist community, leading him to open the top tattoo shop in 2014. Renowned across South America, Jhony has garnered numerous awards for his exceptional work. At Oriana, he leads the Professional Body Piercing Program and shares his expertise in tattooing, focusing on client collaboration, design execution, and piercing techniques, ensuring artistry that endures a lifetime. 


 Let's connect.

(954) 589-8010

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