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Tattoo Program

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Tattoo Program

The Professional Tattoo Artist program will prepare the student for a professional career in the Tattoo industry. After obtaining certification from our program, a student will become a licensed tattoo artist, upon passing the state examination. 


•The History of Tattooing

Tattoo Theory, Traditions & Culture

• Florida Department of Health Regulations

•  Sterilization

•  Basic Body Piercing

•  Tattoo Design

•  Tattoo Pigments

•  Stencil Theory & Practice

•   Outlining, Color & Shading 

•  Tattoo Needle Bars

•  The Tattoo Machine

•  Tattoo Technique

•  Tattoo Practice

•  Bloodborne Pathogens Certification

•  Portfolio Development

•  Tattoo Shop Management

•  Business & Legal Aspects

•  Graduation and Issue of Certificate of Completion of Course.

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